Our Golden Retriever Puppy
Her first six months!

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11 Aug 07
First time swimming -- she loved it!


Just playing...




Compare & contrast, sleeping in the bathroom:
Left, 19 April 2007 | Right, 20 July 2007

Crazed frolicking!

Compare & contrast, sleeping under the computer desk:
Left, 20 April 2007 | Right, 8 July 2007

"There's some lovely filth down here!"**


Lost her first baby puppy tooth!
(appropriately, one of her canines)

On the way to the dog park ... and after...

At the dog park yet again ... with an Australian Shepherd puppy


First time back since the spaying



Cool fountain again, and nearby lawn!


Day 7, she seems fine: dog park this weekend!

Day 3, feeling much better!

Spayed, 22 June 2007
(Click here to see the surgery site healing)
On the left: that night, quite out of it | On the right: next day, feeling much better, but still low-key

Emma playing with a white (!) Golden Retriever at dusk

Just playing ... really!



Cool fountain!

Rainy day, lots of wet lawns to roll in and one large puddle to frolick in!


Really cool pattern in the fur on her back

Chewing on a cow ear.. .  .   .    .     .

Asleep in her crate, 18 April on the left and 31 May on the right


New: video! (low quality, large files...)


Splayed on the hearth: 5 May on the left and 19 May on the right
(compare to similar pic below taken on 28 April!)

Julie causing puppy bliss; puppy assisting Monte washing dishes...
(note Emma's gnawed contribution to the bottom edge of the kitchen cabinet)

Her response to her first fire in the fireplace: yawn...

I got Gem & Emma totally mellowed, in close proximity ...
... but 2 minutes later, after Scout made her entrance, they'd all taken up positions....

Emma sleeps calmly while we watch TV or movies...

Emma just wants to play with the kitties, but they are emphatically not interested!
(note that the Eames has now been moved out of harm's way, replaced with Jo's lazyboy...)

When we use the computer, she sleeps under the computer desk ... and so ...

... be careful moving the chair, because she often gradually oozes herself under it!

New fishy squeeky chew-friend!

Always seeking new places to sleep...

It's very hard to get a good action picture, since she's always running toward you!



Going to The Potty Place...
(it was continuously cold and rainy the first three days at her new home)


14 April 2007, first day home!



Getting the backyard ready, a few days before she'll be coming home, arranging newly-purchased flagstones:

The litter at 6 weeks (no idea which is Emma):


The litter at 4 weeks:


The litter at 3 weeks, when we visited the puppies and met Kari:


Mom, Molly, with her brand new puppies, born 18 Feb 2007:

Molly, Emma's mom:                                                              Tux, Emma's dad:

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*from "I'll Never Tell," from "Once More With Feeling," by Joss Whedon
**from "Monty Python & The Holy Grail"